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Q: Should I cover my outdoor air conditioning system in the winter?

A: Yes. A cover should be placed on your unit to keep out debris. If you live in a snowy climate, a cover will also help keep ice and snow out of your unit.

Q:  How often should I have maintenance done on my air conditioner?

A: Air conditioners run better when they receive annual maintenance. Maintenance should be done in the spring, and will help your unit last longer.

Q: What air conditioner maintenance can I do myself?

A:  There are a few simple routines that you can follow to help ensure that your system runs smoothly.

1) Check the air filter in your until every 3 –4 weeks. A dirty filter will strain your system.
2) Keep your outdoor unit free of debris.
3) Ensure that your unit is on level ground.

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Q: How often do I need to do maintanance on my furnace?

A: Having your furnace checked at the beginning of each heating season can prevent untimely and costly emergency service calls, by find the small problems before they become large ones. This can also increase the overall efficiency of the equipment.

Q: What is the most important thing I can do as a homeowner?

A: Change your furnace filters within the appropriate time frame. Not changing filters may lead to furnace breakdowns, inefficency and air conditioning failure.

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